Top 5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Making a Hurricane Claim

  1. Not taking their own pictures and video of damage and assuming the insurance company will perform this documentation. Document your damage.

  2. Throwing away evidence before the insurance company inspects. From personal belongings to wet carpet, don’t throw anything away yet. Just put it in a pile in the yard.

  3. Waiting to make the claim. While you need to make temporary repairs to prevent further damage, communicate that to your insurance company. Hold off on major/permanent repairs until the insurance company has inspected the damage. Any delay could hurt the outcome of your case and leave you responsible for out-of-pocket expenses that should have been covered under your policy.

  4. Assuming the insurance company will find more damage than you report and failing to raise issues with problems with your claim.  If you are unhappy with the amount of the first adjustment, make sure they know it. Call in and document that you disagree. Be polite and firm and ask for reconsideration. 

  5. Being difficult to work with.  You have a duty to cooperate with the insurance company, so don’t be hard to work with. Make your home available for inspection and be there when they arrive.  Be polite but firm in your interactions and keep record of how long they were at your home to inspect and what was said to you.